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Jersey SA Provides The Following Services:

Jersey SA is committed to delivering service of high quality at the lowest possible price.

The Following Services Are Available:
Herd visit with the following services:
1. Classification of all first lactation cows
2. Administration services of all cows presented for re-classification
3. Classification report that compare the average of the classified group with the average of the total population
4. An average classification per bull involved in the group
5. Jersey SA E-Report approximately a week after the herd visit, consisting of:
5.1. Comparison of all classified animals in the different age groups.
5.2. Comparison of the herd’s production profile to the national herd.
5.3. Summary of the breeder’s breeding objective.
5.4. Test mating between all the female animals in the herd and the nominated bulls being used in the herd.
6. Help with cow selection
7. Help with the marketing of your herd

The above mentioned services are included in the yearly subscription fees.

The following administration services are available as well:

1. Registration of all calves free of charge within 60 days
2. Three generation pedigrees at R 20–00 per animal ex vat
3. Per capita list free of charge
4. The fee structure of Jersey SA is as follows:
Membership fee R 750–00 per annum (tax excluded) Per capita fee per sliding scale:
R 17-00 per animal for first 500 animals per annum (tax excluded)
R 16-00 per animal for next 500 – 1000 animals per annum (tax excluded)
R 13-00 per animal for 1000 + animals per annum (tax excluded)

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27 - 31 August 2018 (George)

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